Food for boys – boys know what they like to eat and eat a lot

Does the food boy different from food girl choose to eat? The answer to this question is yes. Boys seem like liking different foods from girls. In fact, when served with food choices or choices, boys will choose different foods that girls will choose. Boys know what they like to eat and eat a lot.

Children choose certain drinks
Even the choice of their drinks is different. Boys tend to choose sports drinks or soda on another drink when given a choice. However, girls tend to want to drink water or fruit juice. However, the choice they approved was milk. Both boys and girls choose milk at that time is a choice. Boys seemed to really like chocolate milk.

The amount of meal boy food
Boys tend to eat more than girls. The portion of boys or portion of meat, vegetables, fruit and desserts is often much larger than the portion of the girl chosen for themselves. Boys also tend to eat faster than girls and more often than girls.

What foods are usually liked by boys? Of course, every child is different and has different tastes. However, there are certain foods that are generally a favorite of boys. These food include chicken fillets, fries, pizza, hot dogs, burgers, and chicken wings. Every mother who has a son knows that this special food will work well for boys of all ages.

Kids like to eat fast food
Boys love to eat at a fast food restaurant. Chain examples of this restaurant include McDonalds, Burger King, Wendy’s, Pizza Hut, and Papa John’s Pizza. This chain usually carries the food most liked by boys, including pizza and fries. The only problem with this restaurant chain is that the food they serve is usually not a healthy food available and the growing boy needs their vitamins.

Boys and fruits
Boy foods usually don’t include fresh fruit. They will choose to eat fruit snacks or fruit stems than fresh fruit such as bananas, oranges, or apples. Boys are more likely to eat fruit that has been baked in pies (such as blueberry pies) or muffins (such as strawberry muffins).

Boys and desserts.
Children eat them just from desserts. They all seem like them. They usually eat all the flavors of ice cream, cakes, pies, brownies, cookies, and all the flavors of the pudding. In fact, many boys prefer their first dessert at meal time.

Boys have their own tastes and preferences when it comes to food they choose to eat. Boys tend to want to eat food based on food flavor, not nutritional values ​​of food. As boys get older, they begin to see the importance of nutritional value and their food likes and does not like to change and develop over time.

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